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green-key'Green Key' is a program of FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education. The purpose of this worldwide organization is to create a better awareness among civilians concerning our nature and environment, to save the earth.

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis is working on the preparations to achieve this Green Key certificate. Information brochures are available at reception.

Also check: www.green-key.org


Dutch Design Hotel Artemis agrees to the following:

  • mvo-verklaring-artemisWe support the development of our professional field and provide professional knowledge to those who are in training.
  • We inform our business associates and guests that we are responsible towards our environment.
  • We make agreements with business associates and inform guests about the quality of our services and look after these procedures.
  • We are in charge of the social impact of our products and services and fully support the origin of it.
  • We look after continuity of our enterprise and our employees and we make sure that we keep facilitating all that is necessary, even in low budget times.
  • We contribute towards environmental goals by giving donations and sponsorship or do voluntary work.
  • Our activities are continuously looked after, so we don't harm our environment.
  • We continuously evaluate our purchase activities, related to office supplies and environmental services, so we can improve the quality of our services.

pdfDownload our Artemis - Declaration of environmental Responsibility (pdf).


Dutch Design Hotel Artemis aims for a sustainable purchase policy base don upon innovation and sustainability. The purchase of products that are eco-qualified, fair-trade, recyclable, bio-certified, energy saving or region-related align with our overall objective to reach a healthier and better environment...

pdfDownload our full Artemis - Sustainable Purchase Policy (pdf)