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Amsterdam is known for its village atmosphere, the beauty of the canals, the bustling cafés and bars, the rich cultural scene and the cosmopolitan population. The city offers something for everyone. Whether you are visiting for the museums, concert halls, the avant-garde theater and dance venues, restaurants that offer worldly cuisine or simply to shop, Amsterdam offers it all.

There is always something happening in Amsterdam, by day or by night. Festivals, concerts, exhibitions, performances, meets and events are an almost everyday occurrence in the city. Find out about current news & events, Amsterdam's hotspots and what's happening in the areas of shopping & nightlife and design & culture.

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Amsterdam is a city bursting with history, world-class attractions, a rich cultural scene and plenty of ways for visitors of any age to experience all the city has to offer.

Here are the things you must see & do in Amsterdam, in other words the hotspots of Amsterdam, to ensure a travel experience you will remember.

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With everything from multi-level department stores to one-of-a-kind boutiques, antiques to contemporary Dutch design, Amsterdam offers something for everyone.

Amsterdam's best shopping areas and colorful open-air markets are as diverse as the goods they sell, inspiring even the most cultivated shopper.

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If you are interested in Design, history and Dutch culture, you will be amazed in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the design and art capital of the Netherlands.

Nowhere else in the country will you find as many museums, exhibition centers, artworks and urban culture.

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There are over thirty parks in Amsterdam, ranging from Wertheimpark which covers one hectare, to the fabulous Vondelpark which covers 48 hectares and attracts some nine million people every year.

The city also accommodates a broad selection of gardens with lush plantings, green lawns and beautiful flowerbeds. 

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Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps. At night the city offers various possibilities to have a drink with friends, enjoy a play or to dance to top DJ's until dawn.

The diverse nightclubs, dance clubs, cafés, lounge bars etc. offer something for everyone.

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