If you are interested in Design, history and Dutch culture, you will be amazed in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the design and art capital of the Netherlands.

Nowhere else in the country will you find as many museums, exhibition centers, artworks and urban culture.

 Here you will find all the information you need on the best museums, design and culture centres Amsterdam has to offer.

MUSEUMS in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to over 40 museums and galleries. Each museum and gallery offer very diverse permanent and temporary collections, appealing to a wide range of interests. The Hermitage, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, the Anne Frank House and Rembrandthuis are among the largest and most renowned museums of the city. There is also a surprising amount of smaller museums, each of which bring very different types of art and collections to Amsterdam.

It is impossible to visit every museum in Amsterdam during your stay. We have compiled a top ten list of the museums we recommend you see during your visit to Amsterdam, to ensure a design and cultural experience to remember.

The Artemis top 10 museums

  1. Van Gogh Museum
  2. Rijksmuseum
  3. The House of Anne Frank
  4. Hermitage
  5. Amsterdam Historical Museum
  6. Foam Photography Museum
  7. The Hendrikje Museum of Bags & Purses
  8. Museum Our Lord in the Attic
  9. Museum van Loon
  10. Museum Willet-Holthuysen


Amsterdam, as no other historical city, has succeeded in remaining a contemporary breeding ground for creative talents. In the many galleries, studios, museums and shops of the city, you will find fine jewellery, furniture, glass and ceramic objects, fashion and interior design. Amsterdam’s historical ambience, relatively small size and its freedom and openness to new ideas is a source of inspiration for budding and renowned artists alike.

The Westerhuis

Bang at the centre of the Jordaan district lies the Westerhuis - a meeting point of cultural entrepreneurs. The internationally renowned designer Marcel Wanders established the Westerhuis last year as a centre for creative talent. The former school building along Westerstraat now accommodates various galleries and design studios.

Moooi Gallery

The Moooi gallery is situated on the ground floor of the Westerhuis It is known as one of the most exciting shops in the whole of Amsterdam, and in the design industry. The collection of the gallery exhibits a variety of exquisite design from the Moooi Collection in contrast with other beautiful historic pieces from around the world. The Moooi Gallery also offers a variety of designer gifts, books, and curiosa from all around the world.

The Moooi Gallery offers:

  • Moooi collection
  • Moooi Gallery; exhibitions and installations of stylists & artists
  • Pre 19th century Swedish furniture
  • Unique pieces from Marcel Wanders
  • Unique gifts from around the world
  • Books and creative literature
  • Interior consultations and workplace


Droog Design

Droog started in 1993, as a statement on design, a no-nonsense, down to earth design mentality opposed to the high style and form based world of design. In contrast, Droog proposed a highly conceptual approach, one captured by the Dutch word ‘droog’ meaning ‘dry’ or ‘wry’. This mentality has defined Droog as a conceptual design company over the last 16 years, and to a large extent, has defined Dutch design internationally.

The gallery has been collaborating with young, modern designers whose works show stylistic similarities. They work together with renowned designers such as Maarten Baas and Marcel Wanders. Droog Design is located in Amsterdam city centre. Amsterdam is home to their flagship store and office, including Factory & outlet, Creative agency and the Lab.


The Frozen Fountain

The Frozen Fountain is a shop selling contemporary furniture and home accessories. The Frozen Fountain maintains close contacts with designers from the various art academies in the Netherlands and abroad, thus ensuring a collection that is dynamic and varied.

This collection is complemented by a selection of international furniture labels, thus creating an interesting interplay of classics and works by present-day designers. The organization has also organized many exhibitions, with the aim of showing a clear symbiosis between idea and final product.