Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps. At night the city offers various possibilities to have a drink with friends, enjoy a play or to dance to top DJ's until dawn.

The diverse nightclubs, dance clubs, cafés, lounge bars etc. offer something for everyone.


Nightclubs and late-night dance clubs are mostly situated around Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. Paradiso, The Melkweg and Escape are well known clubs in that area. Amsterdam locals love their nightlife, so you can dance the night away at many lively clubs in the centre of the city. Jazz lovers can enjoy themselves in the smaller, more intimate clubs in the Rozengracht.


Most bars can be found around Wolvenstraat and Leidseplein. Here the nightlife is focused around having drinks and cocktails, while surrounded by a designer décor. For a taste of the old-dutch atmosphere of Amsterdam, you can drink dutch beer such as Amstel and Heineken at one of the more traditional wood-panelled bars in Zeedijk.

To really get to know the Dutch culture, experience Amsterdam's tasting houses to try the local spirits such as Jenever and gin. At the authentic Bar-Bodega 'De Blauwe Parade', situated near the Dam, you can taste the best Dutch Jenever and Gin, while absorbing the real old-dutch atmosphere.


In the area of entertainment, Amsterdam also offers a broad spectrum of possibilities. You can catch a big international show or a comedy show in one of Amsterdam's theatres at Leidseplein. Or look for excitement and games of chance at the casinos around Rembrandtplein.

Gay Life

Amsterdam is known around the world for its tolerance and open atmosphere. The gay scene in the city is renowned and widely accepted. For the city's size, it has a relatively large gay scene. There are over 30 gay bars and cafes, 3 gay clubs and numerous weekly and monthly gay parties.

Bars & cafés

The gay scene is concentrated in 2 areas in the city centre of Amsterdam. The main gay street is Reguliersdwarsstraat. Here you find the main popular trendy gay bars. The popular bars for the locals are located in the neighbourhood of the Rembrandtplein.


Amsterdam has 4 weekly gay clubs and a wide range of popular monthly dance parties. The popular weekly clubs are Club Exit, located in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, and the more stylish club Club Roque.

The most famous party is Rapido, which is held 4 times a year. Other frequent and popular parties are Roxy Colosseum, Bear Necessity and Furball.

For more information on the gay scene of Amsterdam go to

Red Light District

The Red Light district is an (in)famous part of Amsterdam. The area is locally known as The Wallen or the Rossebuurt. Amongst tourists and locals the Red Light District is renowned for its adult industry and the red-lit windows. There is however more to the area than you might think. The Red-Light District is actually locted in the oldest part of the city. It is also a residential area filled with many bars and restaurants, interesting shops, historic buildings and museums and some of the city's most charming canals. The oldest church in Amsterdam, the 'Oude Kerk' is also located here.

Visit the area when the sun goes down. You will see the fluorescent red glow of the windows and the bustling of groups of tourists and local visitors. There are maps available of the area for those who want to explore the area themselves. Or take a guided tour if you are keen to learn more.

For more information visit the VVV tourist offices in the city.

The Red Light Fashion Project

The Red Light Fashion Project is an initiative of the local government of Amsterdam, NV Stadsgoed and HTNK. After the closure of many windows in the Red Light District due to a new policy at the beginning of 2008, the buildings in the area were empty. With an eye on the redevelopment project of Amsterdam city centre, the local government of the city bought the empty buildings. They had the idea to let new en renowned fashion talents use the buildings as their studios for a year and work on their latest creations.

The Red Light Fashion Project enabled Hollands most up and coming fashion talents of this moment to open their studio in the centre of Amsterdam. In the beginning of April 2008 a shop opened in the area where the different works of these designers can be bought.