9 jun - 2 oct 2016

Organic art and design? Think of organic and natural shapes, images from nature and natural materials. Be surprised by an exhibition based on sand, plants, flowers, insects, mushrooms and vegetables. With attention to nature the exhibition shows a rich variety of disciplines including photography, fusion painting, graphics, interior design, jewellery, fashion and ceramics.


A design traced directly from nature is the giant egg 'Mark I' by Mark Vrinzen. By purchase of the design the buyer is asked to make a choice, will he choose to keep to the eye the perfect shape and ratio or will he choose for the functionality of the cabinet? The perfection of the egg can be broken with the hammer.

Candle holders inspired by the beautiful shape of a water lily, giant lamps in the shape of a mushroom, an innovating vertical garden, magic mushrooms, handmade jewellery in the shape of a flower or leaf or a seastar object, tunics with images of insects? Come and see for yourself.

In addition, the Foundation hetWerkvan (MadeBy) also joins the group exhibition. Would you not only enjoy their work in the hotel, but also at home? It is for sale. With your purchase you will also support the good work of hetWerkvan. It is art made by artists with disabilities. All exhibited works come from the workshop De Wijde Doelen, from Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Every Saturday Pop-Up Organic Restaurant

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis will do it just a little bit different this summer. Not only there is a special 'Organic' Food & Drink Design menu daily available in restaurant-bar 'De Stijl', but there is also a Pop-Up Organic restaurant every Saturday. With on the terrace not only Organic Food & Drinks, but also summer tunes. Will you join us?

Free entrance

The exhibition ‘Organic’ can be visited free of charge daily from 10 June, till 2 October 2016 in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, John M. Keynesplein 2 in Amsterdam.

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