2 Sep - 24 Nov 2010

The latest D&A; Design & ARTemis exhibition 'Black / White' is specially adjusted to the Grid 2010 photography biennale. The programming of the art works is focused on photography. Is it only black and white what you see, or is there more than meets the eye?

Next to photography we will also surprise you with a wide variation of Dutch Design in the theme 'Black / White'. From exciting lighting to furniture design, ceramics, paper pulp objects and jewellery. Come and be inspired!


The basis of the Yin and Yang theory teaches us that there are always two sides to everything, which are inseparable from each other; when something is called Yin, Yang is automatically present as well. The absolute Yin or Yang does not exist. There is no absolute dark or light; in the night when it's dark, we can still see and at daytime during the 'white light' there are always shadows. Therefore black always goes together with white.

The same applies for our Food & Drink design at our 'Black/White' exposition. For instance, our 'Magic Mushroom' ( black broth of Trompet de la Morte with White Truffle cream), the 'White Ocean Fish' (purée of cauliflower with ink black butterfish), or for example the 'Photo Shooter' (white Piña Colada with black pineapple).

Experience the taste sensation of D&A Food & Drink Design in Restaurant-Bar De Stijl! Or surprise your guests with an unique D&A experience! It is possible to create customized Food & Drink Design based upon your wishes. Contact us for more information.