4 Mar - 2 Jun 2010

After this long and cold winter it is time for a period of LIGHT! Appropriate is the meaning of ARTEMIS. Besides goddess of the hunt, forest and moon, she is also goddess of light and life.

During this exhibition we will show you mood lighting combined with modern technology. Besides additional lighting, the theme light will get a special dimension in the hotel.

Be surprised by the wide variety of light in art and design. From lighting to painting, photography, glass fusion, interior objects and jewellery. Lighting, light, shadow, use of brightness and darkness and special materials. But light can also give you a feeling that makes you smile. Simply by looking at something or because you sense it.


Enlightenment in food and drinks? For many among us that is certainly true. Relax with a bite or a drink after a busy day or find your inspiration and get satisfied. Is that the enlightenment we search for?

Every form of light, brings light. It is an energy and radiance that is visible with the naked eye, but that you can also feel and influences your mood. Think about: Blacklight, a Lava lamp, the Northern Lights, the dory (in Dutch light fish) or Red Light.

Once more our kitchen & restaurant team has seen the light and it promises to become an enlightening and innovative combination. Invented with passion, made with love and served with a smile.

Experience the taste sensation of D&A Food & Drink Design in Restaurant-Bar De Stijl! Or surprise your guests with an unique D&A experience! It is possible to create customized Food & Drink Design based upon your wishes. Contact us for more information and be inspired!