26 Nov 2009 - 3 Mar 2010

What is exactly a 100%? Every object, every thought and every expression has a little defect. Or another side, a dark side or a sparkle of light. A wink or a smile hidden behind a strong façade.

This is emphasized in the D&A exhibition 99% BOLD. 'Bold' is a feeling that is aroused by forms, use of materials, appearances or attitude. However a feeling is never unambiguous. There is always a subtle distinction.

Be surprised by the wide variety of art and design. From interior objects and bags to paintings and woven wall panels. What do you think? 99% BOLD or 1% ....?


With passion for food and drinks our kitchen and restaurant teams continuously create new culinary experiences for our guests in the form of Food & Drink Design based on the theme of the exhibition.

What is BOLD?
According to the dictionary BOLD is: sturdy and strong, giving the impression of power and daring.

99% BOLD according to the Head Chef: bold figures such as James Bond, Shaken not stirred, Rusty Nails, Fire, Vodka and jeans. And the 1%? It is for you to discover...

Experience the taste sensation of D&A Food & Drink Design in Restaurant-Bar De Stijl! Or surprise your guests with an unique D&A experience! It is possible to create customized Food & Drink Design based upon your wishes. Contact us for more information and be inspired!