14 May 2009 - 26 Aug 2009

The summer is on its way, time to bring out the sun, cheerful colours and cheerful design. Design with a smile, design with a twist!The theme of this exhibition is inspired by the cheerful and colourful game of skill Twister. Twister is played on a large plastic mat that is covered with large coloured circles. By means of a spinner it is specified which body part has to be set on which circle. In case one of the maximum 4 participants falls, lets go of the circle or puts a body part on the wrong circle the game is over for that person.

Just as colourful and cheerful is the exhibition which we have composed for you. Be surprised by the wide variety of colourful art and design with a twist. Is it what it looks like or is it something else?


In Restaurant - Bar De Stijl they like to trick you. Is it a regular ice-cream menu or are it dishes and drinks with twist? We are happy to interact with you. Let our chef surprise you.Some Food Design dishes and Drink Design on the menu are adjusted to the theme of the current exhibition. We can also provide you with tailor-made Food- and Drink Design suggestions according to your wishes. Give a design touch to your occasion or event! Contact us for more information and be inspired!