5 Feb 2009 - 13 May 2009

This D&A exhibition in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis was completely dedicated to 'Green Envy'.

A flourishing young world with singing birds and fresh leaves, spring is in the air. But behind this green paradise a whole other world can be found, where people are green with envy. The Green dogs confront to break the taboo. They search for envy in themselves and others and test the limits of visitors. The taboo becomes debatable. What is your secret?

Foundation Groene Honden, Jong ontwerp

The foundation Groene Honden, Jong Ontwerp (Green Dogs, Young Design) consists of 12 young designers who made their debut in February 2007 with a successful exhibition at the Pastoe Factory in Utrecht. The Green Dogs play, research, discover and surprise. They challenge the visitor to take part in their projects. In their D&A exhibition 'Green Envy', the interaction with the audience is their main focus.

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis ensures a unique experience in an inspiring and artistic way in which originality, flexibility and creativity take a leading role. Constantly searching for new ideas to bring Dutch Design under the attention in a socially responsible manner. The décor of the hotel is inspired by Dutch Design. Next to the privately owned collection, D&A exhibitions are organised every 3 months, variating from photography to paintings and from fashion to design.

This time the visitors were taken on a culinary and creative journey. During D&A 'Green envy', one is virtually able to taste, smell, feel and experience envy. Control the green envy and taste the envious
Food- & Drink Design Dutch Design Hotel Artemis is praised for. Maybe you will discover the secret....