9 Mar - 6 Jun 2012

Route 10/66 stands for the postal code area of Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, but of course also refers to the legendary Route 66 crossing the United States. In the same way the exhibition Route 10/66 crosses this particular part of town which is called Amsterdam NewWest. The exhibition presents work of a large number of artists from this district.

Route 10/66: 10 exhibitors / 66 artists- designers

‘New West’ is a special part of Amsterdam. Besides the large amount of greenery and beautiful architecture many artists and designers live and work in Amsterdam New-West. Much is happening and created here and we would like to show and enrich this with the project Route 10/66. The work of 66 artists - designers will be exposed on an exhibition wall. This wall serves as a visual overview that shows the rich creativity in Amsterdam New-West. 10 out of the 66 artists - designers get the opportunity to exhibit their work at Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Route 10/66 is a combined initiative of Stadsdeel Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, Hélène Bergmans Design and Brigit Vermeulen.

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis: exhibition is an unique concept where each three months the ground floor of the hotel is changed to a surprisingly different setting. Each exhibition has its own theme. Artemis provides a platform for both beginning and established artists and designers to show their work to an all round public. Beside the art, guests can enjoy tasty food and drinks in restaurant 'De Stijl'.