6 June 2014 - 7 Sep 2014

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Discipline: 3D print design

Since 2009 Peggy Bannenberg is using 3D printing to make her jewellery. The printing technology makes it possible to create new forms that otherwise cannot be reproduced and opens new ways for innovative jewellery design. 3D drawings can be printed in nylon that with its properties like flexibility, colour, strength, weight and surface texture is very suitable to wear. But other materials can be printed as well: titanium, steel, silver and a biological plastic that is used by her own printer.


Recently (June, 2013) Peggy Bannenberg was awarded with the Eunique Award from the European Crafts Council in Karlsruhe out of 350 participants. The jury reported: 'A well-managed symbioses between tradition and innovation. By using 3D printing a machine of the future is deployed. This way she developed a surprising new idiom for her jewellery.'

Duo-bracelet (12*)

12-duo-armband-gri-dbl2 h200

The Duo-bracelet consists of 2 identical parts and this way it is possible to put 2 colours together. Nylon comes out of the machine in a natural white colour and can be dyed afterwards. But then you will always end up with a uniform colour. The Duo-bracelet makes it possible to mix colours; with an extra halve you can make 3 different combinations.

Material: nylon
Price: € 55,- half a bracelet
€ 150,- for 3 half a bracelets.

Duo-ring (13*)

13-duo-ring-goud-dgr-a23 h200   13-duo-ring-gri-dbl2 h200   13-duo-ring-zil-zw2 h200

The Duo-ring can make colour combinations in nylon just like the bracelet. But it is also possible to combine them with metal: silver or plated brass. The metal parts are also 3D printed.

Material: nylon / silver / plated brass
Price half a ring: nylon € 17,50
Silver, gold plated brass: € 160,-

Cubes-necklace and ring (14*)

14-kubus-ring h200

The Cubes-necklace and ring are build up by interlinking cubes that come out of the printers as a whole. The process of 3D printing in nylon starts with a powder and the build is supported by the powder.