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Discipline: 2.5D design

The designers Daan de Haan and Jannie Schmitz graduated in 2004 and 2007 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven en started their own design studios. After doing different commissions and services for several big and small companies (in the field of product-, interior- and graphic design) they are now also developing their own products. In a collaboration with Océ Canon they developed special 2.5D artworks that are printed with an innovative technology.

2.5D printing technology

Daan de Haan and Jannie Schmitz were the first to be offered the opportunity to explore the possibilities of the 2.5D printing technology. This technology was developed by Océ Technologies BV (a Canon Company). The 2.5D print is built up with layers of ink with an infinite number of possible colours, shades and elevation. 2.5D proves attractive for both artistic and functional uses: it literally adds new dimension.

Elevated Graphics | New Nature (1*)

New Nature (1) - New Nature (2*)

Very fine 2.5D prints with themes from nature.

Size: variable
Price: between € 150,- and € 500,- (for more information ask at the reception)

Elevated Graphics | City Landscape (2*)

02-citylandscapes manhattan-detail h200 - 02-citylandscapes manhattan h200

Very fine 2.5D prints from some of the world's biggest cities.

Size: 0,25M2 in several proportions and sizes
Price: € 485,-

Elevated Graphics | Pixel World Map on Glass (3*)

03-pixel3b - 03-pixel3 h200

A world map printed in 2.5D. Continents in pixels on glass.

Size: 150 cm x 100 cm
Price: € 3000,-