Discipline: product design

Layers is a design label founded by Dutch designer David Graas, making 3D printed products that are smart, minimal and outspoken. Layers continuously seeks the outer limits of what 3D printing has to offer for product design: small scale production of clever products tailored to the needs and preferences of people. 3D printed on demand and close to the customer location. No more transport of products, but transport of data that is turned into a product by the 3d printer just around the corner.

Screw It (4*)

04-screw-it-vase h200 - 04-srew-it-vase h200

Screw It is a collection of products reinterpreting the familiar PET bottle in unfamiliar ways. Making clever use of the universal screw top, the 3D printed Screw It connectors transform one or several PET bottles into a vase, a toy truck and a food container. Screw It shows that design does not necessarily mean starting from scratch. There is new meaning and new value to be found in the rubble of the discarded, transforming the seemingly worthless into something unexpectedly precious.

Material: Polyamide
Price: Screw It vase: € 95,- / Screw It dog: € 105,- / Screw It truck: € 195,-

 04-screwit dog2 h20004-screw-it-truck h200