Discipline: product design

About Monique Diana Borgmann

Monique; 'I have established myself as a designer focusing on the visual aspect. As soon as we look at something it stimulates our senses followed by curiosity. I design tempting detailed exclusive products by experimenting with special materials, colours and shapes. The products I create are unique because I make them to your own personal taste.'

She passed her Bachelor Degree at the AKV St. Joost Breda (direction Spatial Design) in 2013. After she graduated she started her own company Modibo.

About Project SKIN

All in the exposition 3D shown art objects are based on project SKIN. The product SKIN emerged from a research on making a relationship physically visible. Research has shown that in a relationship a metaphorical third person arises that will fit like a new skin. The third person is unique in any personal or business relationship. For example expressions like passion, safety, purity and exotic came forward.

Monique Diana Borgmann creates the new skin (the third person) by using thousands of cotton swab tips. Different emotions are subsequently made visible by means of colour and can be applied to everyday items like vases or canvas. The tempting object is an eye catcher in the room.

SKIN Balanced (6*)

06-expoid-1 h200
Material: Canvas and cotton swaps
Dimension: large 100 x 70 cm I normal 50 x 50 cm
Price: large € 2.500,- I normal € 900,-

SKIN Evolution (7*)

06-img 7689b h200
Spinning tops
Matrial: Wood and cotton swaps
Dimension: 5x6 cm
Price: € 40,-

SKIN Courage (8*)

08-expoid-3 h200
Material: Glass and cotton swaps
Dimension: 35 x 25cm
Price: € 390,-