Discipline: 3D design

Erik van de Heg (1959) is a designer, furniture maker, and owner of the design label HEGG. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, now known as ArtEZ. Starting out with paintings, over the years his work gained more dimensions, and grew towards design. That is when he decided to focus on designing and manufacturing furniture.

Label Hegg (5*)

Van de Heg's paintings came from raw emotion. He created, almost vented, large, expressive, abstract paintings, woodcuts and a great amount of drawings out of impulse. As a designer, Van de Heg still prefers the gesture: his furniture emerges from series of quick sketches. Van de Heg: ''My basic approach did not change. Both graphical and physical designs come from the realm of images. Each drawing has its consequences, but also contains the possibility to explore different routes.'

According to Van de Heg, a cabinet is just some horizontal and vertical lines, which have to be connected. The cabinet must be, however, feasible, functional and of realistic proportions. And even within these clear prerequisites, he keeps his freedom of choice. His approach steers his thinking in the attempt to free furniture from its every day, fixed context. Van de Heg: 'A piece of furniture should be different, look at itself and actually should not want to be furniture.'

To Van de Heg, the final production of his cabinets and tables is equally important as the design. The translation of the drawing to the actual product of course is not always flawless. He can draw anything he wants, but to make an actual piece of furniture out of this, remains a quest.

Label HEGG Cupboard Green: 1:1/1-20 (5a*)

05a-groen h200

Size: 260 x 200 x 40 cm
Material: Plywood, fibreglass

Label HEGG Cupboard Orange: 1:1/1-19 (5b*)

05b-oranje h200

Size: 220x180x40cm
Material: Plywood, fibreglass

Label Hegg Cupboard White: 1:1/1-21 (5c*)

05c-wit h200

Size: 220x150x40cm
Material: Plywood, fiberglass

Label HEGG schaal / plate (5d*)

05d-schaal-hegg h200