Discipline: Product design

Vanessa van Tiggelhoven is a product designer. Due to its unique design her creations are pure and functional, giving comfort and pleasure. BenJaMin is the 2nd line of Vanessa van Tiggelhoven after graduating in 2011 at the Architectural Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her 1st line is Flip Lounge Furniture, of which lounge chair Flip, which won the Elle Decoration Design Talent Award by Cappellini in 2012.

BenJaMin I 3 in 1 chair (9*)

09-benjamin-2 h200   09-benjamin-3 h200   09-benjamin h200

BenJamin is a new concept for the biggest and the smallest, and exists of 3 chairs: Ben, Ja and Min. They are stackable, and together they create BenJaMin. When in use it offers height, when not in use storage space. Separate Ben, Ja and Min offer comfort and pleasure for the entire family.

BenJaMin is THE solution for everyone, 3 chairs in 1, a chair for a life time, to be used by the entire family: from baby till adult, from Min till Ben: Min as a baby chair and a chair for toddlers and pre-schoolers, Ja for teenagers, and Ben for adults.

Matrial: poplar

Price exclusive pillows

BenJaMin  € 799 
Ben € 309 
Ja € 279 
Min € 239 

Price inclusive pillows

BenJaMin €999 

Price pillows

Ben € 99
Ja € 89
Min € 79

Flip lounge chair I awarded by: Elle Decoration Design Talent Award by Cappellini (10*)

10-flip h200

Flip is a lounge chair, in which you can control the light yourself. By flipping the chair you can decide to be partly or completely exposed by sunlight and wind, or being protected from it. Due to its unique shape Flip is a lounge chair, an umbrella and windscreen in one.
Flip can protect you as a cocoon, but you can also open up to the dynamics around you, being alone or with the two of you.
For kids Flip is a fun object to play with, you can roll to all sides, alone, or with other children. When being tired, they can relax in it. By putting Flip on the side you can use it as a shelter, which is also ideal for young mothers with babies who like to be out of the sun and wind.

Material presented prototype wood, foam, foam coating
Finished material polyethylene

Kosy (11*)

11-flip-kosy h200

Table, stool, storage device

Kosy is Flip's little brother, and was designed to associate Flip and its occupant(s). Like Flip, Kosy is multi-functional: it can be used as a table, a stool, and as a storage device. Due to its unique shape Kosy can roll to all sides. In this way you always have your belongings next to you while being in Flip.

Material presented prototype wood, foam, foam coating
Finished material polyethylene