Discipline: Product design, graphic design, text & concept development

About Sjors Bergmans

Sjors Bergmans is a versatile designer who works in multiple fields. By combining images, words and graphics he playfully creates worlds in which original ideas can surface. With TNO Eindhoven, he developed the very first wearable shoe ever made with a 3D printer. A project that marks a turning point in the industry.

About 3D printed shoes

'Head Over Heels' is not just a pretty ladies pump. It is the very first wearable shoe ever produced with a 3D printer. In 2005 TNO Eindhoven assigns Bergmans to design and co-develop it. Directly after, they also developed a men's shoe, titled the Snaker. The ground breaking results marks a turning point between prototyping and production for 3D printing in the footwear industry. The shoes are included in numerous exhibitions and in the permanent collection of the Design Museum of Barcelona.

'Head Over Heels' (17*)

17-hoh-red h200   17-head-over-heals-II h200

17-head-over-heels-detail h200   17-head-over-heals-I h200

'Head Over Heels' challenges the many possibilities of 3D printing, and offers us a glimpse into the future. Many different, complex features are combined in a single form. The cup-shaped element around the front of the foot functions as a hinge, which opens and closes with each step. Flexible strips gently embrace the foot, making laces redundant. And at the same time, the sturdy heel carries the entire weight of the body. Still, the entire shoe is a single piece of material, made at one time.

The name 'Head Over Heels' is written across the bottom in 3D. But this could be any text or image, since the technology enables us to completely customize each shoe, without delaying the production process. Eventually, this means that shoes can be produced to our exact measurements.

Material: (SLS) Nylon PA12 polyamide, acrylic spray paint

Price on request via www.sjorsbergmans.com

'Snaker' (18*)

18-snaker h200

18-snaker-detail h200 - 18-snaker-detail2 h200

The entire body of the 'Snaker' is one piece of material, made at one time. The shoe still has four flexible hinges that follow every movement of the foot, like links in a chain. The final hinge also functions as a shock breaker. The 'Snaker' embraces the foot with self-adjusting straps. Small feelers are placed at their tips, which enables the shoe to adapt to the geometry of the foot even better.

Material: (SLS) Nylon PA12 polyamide, acrylic spray paint

Price on request via www.sjorsbergmans.com