Discipline: Product design


The first good decision of Robert de Niet (The Hague) during his journey through life, was to become a traditional upholsterer. It gave him freedom, craftsmanship and the joy of working on furniture from different centuries. After a decade of being inspired by all those classical lines, he took his first steps into designing furniture.
The first pinnacle came in 2008 when design 008 was added to the Chair Collection of the Technical University of Delft and was exhibited together with renowned designers at the Stedelijk Museum in Kampen.
Robert de Niet plays with basic shapes to create strong, minimal objects without losing sight of comfort and usability. A display of life meeting form in which he invites you to share this fascination.

'001' Rocking chair (22*)

22-design-001-robert-de-niet h200

This rocking chair, manufactured in cooperation with Aerospace Engineering of the Technical University of Delft, symbolises mankind who, with all their knowledge, think they can control life. Robert de Niet offers everyone a change to take a seat and contemplate on life.

Material: bended laminated wood, aluminium
Dimensions: 145 cm x 40 cm x 120 cm
Price: € 3.495,- (as shown, more options available)

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