Discipline: photo-realistic 3D visualizations of interior design, architecture, landscape and product

About Ada 3d

Ada 3d takes assignments creating presentations in 3d visualizations. The 3D visualization is created in the program 3d Max. They work for miscellaneous renowned architectural firms, interior designers, artists and individuals. For example, they have done projects such as hotel and restaurant concept design. Ada 3d is a member of the BNI. (Dutch Association of Interior Architects)

Ariadna Chmandurova is the owner and lead designer of Ada Design. She has an office in Amsterdam and Moscow. She studied at the Higher Academy of the Arts Minerva in Groningen (NL), department interior design and furniture.

What are 3D-visualisations? (23*)

A 3D visualization is a reflection of the reality. With the help of 3D-visualizations a situation can be displayed that is not there yet, but that will come. It can be used to see what influence the new situation will have on the environment or to indicate what the plans are. With a 3D visualization you can show how your dream looks like!