12 feb 2016 - 5 jun 2016

A world without plastic, we can no longer imagine. Plastic is everywhere. It has made our lives a lot easier. Because the cost of plastic is relatively low, it is easy to produce, versatile and water-resistant. Plastic is used in a huge and growing range of products and it has replaced many traditional materials. The down side is that plastic waste is a big burden on the environment and litter is a major problem, in addition, raw materials are getting more scarce.

In all cases, it is of great importance giving a renewed value to the material plastic. Let's try to see plastic less as waste, and create awareness that plastic is raw material, that can be reused in different ways. But that also should not end up in nature, or as litter on the street. Let's make again something fun of plastic! The exhibition Plastic will introduce you to a number of special artistic sustainable initiatives.


Design of plastic? Think of BottleCapButtons made of used plastic caps, lamps of used milk and juice-Jerry cans and a necklace made of plastic cutlery. But also to skateboards made of plastic waste, a painting with fish that are made from PET bottles, the art installation ' New Dutch Herring’ (previously been shown in the Keukenhof) made with, among others, a large number of caps.
In addition, Plastic Whale is promoted; the first plastic fishing company in the world. Their objective is to eventually run 'out of business', overfishing in their case is positive; no more plastic in the canals of Amsterdam. You can, for instance, organize a business event and go plasticfishing.

During the exhibition there are also various, with plastic connected, digital photo collage series. And Hannah Tofts is fighting with her project Plastic sea ' It's funny what you find ' against the plastic soup, for a clean sea and beach. As you may know, there is a ban on free plastic bags in stores from 1 January. With the artist-designed bags by Do Goodie Bag you always have your own bag with you. Useful!


Free entrance

The exhibition ‘Plastic’ can be visited free of charge daily from 12 February, till 5 June 2016 in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, John M. Keynesplein 2 in Amsterdam. Special 'Plastic’ Food & Drink Design can be ordered in restaurant-bar 'De Stijl'. Curious how the theme is integrated in this special menu?

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