Tomorrow's design since 1610 - Royal Goedewaagen is one of the oldest remained ceramics factories in the Netherlands. With a history of almost 400 year the company was able to maintain by a continues process of innovation and to cooperate with artists and designers.

Royal Goedewaagen manufactures ceramics with a passion. Passion for innovative designs, traditional forms and detailed craftsmanship. In essence, a passion for stylish products from high quality ceramics in all its extraordinary forms. The production and decoration of all Royal Goedewaagen products is all in-house.

During the exposition at the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, Royal Goedewaagen presents its highlights of 2013; an overview of ceramic gifts presenting the celebration of 400 years Canal District, 125th anniversary of the Concertgebouw and 200 years of Orange monarchy.

The collection includes designs by Robert Bronwasser, Paul Baars, Marijke Koster and Sander Alblas.

History of Royal Goedewaagen

In 1610 in the city of Gouda, the foundations for the Goedewaagen factory were laid. The company started with the manufacturing of simple and affordable items for daily use.

In the following centuries, The Netherlands grew to be one of the main tobacco trading nations and Royal Goedewaagen developed into the largest pipe manufacturer in The Netherlands by sharp market thinking and innovative designs.

In 1984 Royal Goedewaagen relocated its production facilities from Gouda to Nieuw Buinen, the North East of Holland and opened in 1989 its very own ceramic museum.


(1a) Ceramic Miniatures, Royal Goedewaagen

Since 1900 Royal Goedewaagen started making historical buildings and Amsterdam Canal Houses in small ceramic miniatures. These typical Dutch houses are well known collector items throughout the world. In 2013 the Canals of Amsterdam celebrate their 400 years existence of the Amsterdam Canal Houses. Royal Goedewaagen presents therefore its unique series of canal house miniatures for the discriminating collector. The unique series, composed of Keizersgracht, Herengracht, Singel and Prinsengracht collections, hand painted in the Netherlands by skilled craftsmen. The miniature of the Concertgebouw is specially made for the 125th anniversary of the Concertgebouw.

(1b) Tuliptile Vase, design by Robert Bronwasser

Royal Goedewaagen makes Delft Blue vases and tiles since 1610. The Tuliptile Vase designed by Robert Bronwasser is a combination of two traditional Delft Blue products; a tulip vase and a Delft Blue tile. The Tuliptile Vase exists out of two tiles which gains its form and stability by fitting them in each other. Especially for Holland America Line, Royal Goedewaagen combined the 400 years existence of the Amsterdam Canal Houses and the Tuliptile Vase in one single new Design: The Amsterdam Tuliptile.

(1c) The Four Tulips Vase, design by Paul Baars


The original 17th century tulip vases were decorated with Blue Delft and Chinese decorations. The Four Tulips Vase designed by Amsterdam's designer Paul Baars, is a modern tulip vase, which exists of four piles interlinked to each other. The shape of the vase lends itself excellent for figurative and historical decorations. The Four Tulips Vase – Royal Dutch; the first edition of the vase is specially designed for the throne views and the celebration of 200 years orange monarchy.

(1d) The Holland Vase, design by Sander Alblas
01d-holland-vazen kompositie

Thinking of Holland is thinking of flowers. The Holland Vase is designed by Dutch designer Sander Alblas is a perfect symbol of this typical Dutch product. The vase is in the shape of Holland and produced by Royal Goedewaagen in the nation's colors; Red, White, Blue and Orange. A special edition decorated with the crown of the Netherlands is designed for the throne views.

(1e) The Holland Box, design by Sander Alblas

In addition to the Holland Vase, Dutch designer Sander Alblas designed the Holland Box; a gift box in the shape of Holland in which typical Dutch sweets as well as tulip bulbs can be presented. The Holland Box is produced by Royal Goedewaagen and available in the nation's colors; Red, White, Blue and Orange. The lid of the box lends itself excellent for figurative decorations.

(1f) Royal Figurative Clay Pipes, Royal Goedewaagen

In honor of 200 years Orange monarchy Royal Goedewaagen manufactured special Royal figurative clay pipes. These handmade figurative clay pipes have the images of former Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix and the new King Willem Alexander, all pre designed by Dutch sculptor Roy Greve. The royal clay pipes are in line with the centuries tradition to make figurative pipes of the images of former Dutch kings and queens. The Royal figurative pipes are distributed by Dutch wooden pipe producer E. Gubbels:

(1g) Royal Dutch Tableware, design by Marijke Koster

Royal Goedewaagen is the only ceramics factory in the Netherlands that has released a special Royal tableware, in honour of the succession to the throne. For the design of the Royal tableware the old moulds of the classic Oxford Blue Delft tableware from1922 were chosen to undergo a makeover. Royal Goedewaagen inhouse designer Marijke Koster choose to redecorate this classic Blue Delft tableware with a matt creamy finishing glazing on the outside and an orange shiny glazing on the inside. The finishing touch is the golden crown which is decorated on every item of the set. The set consists of six cups and saucers, a teapot and a sugar bowl.