Lamp Atelier designs lamps that emanate warmth and are quite voluminous. Ceramics are an excellent material for this. Furthermore, the production of ceramics is a fine old Dutch tradition that Lamp Atelier wishes to cherish. Tummers: 'We can be really proud of what we have achieved as a country in this field. The beautiful material for which people from abroad have already been visiting us for years also belongs right here in our own home interiors. But then of course with a modern twist. And really made in the Netherlands.'

You are very welcome to visit their showroom at Kuiperij 16 in Amstelveen. There, and in the webshop, you will soon be able to view the new 'Glass' collection of lamps.

(9) Model Amsterdam

Ceramic lamps in Dutch Design. And affordable too. That is what Patrick Tummers from Lamp Atelier wants. In his designs he chooses elegant simplicity but with a humorous edge because there is already so much of the same available. In his Amsterdam design he subtly incorporates the city's canal houses. A quirky lamp that is, of course, painted by hand in the Netherlands. Model Amsterdam is a specific design incorporating Amsterdam canal houses. The various design and colour options transform this model into an exquisite lamp. There are two hand-painted versions; one that accentuates the lines of the façades, windows and doors, and one with playfully painted façades that produces a completely different look.
Model Amsterdam can also be ordered in an unpatterned colour. In gorgeous original Delft blue, but also in modern black or azure blue. And all versions can be finished with a name and original 'Hand Painted' label to produce an exclusive and personal product for you, for example, as a promotional gift from your company.