Discipline: sculpting

The Dutch word 'boer' means farmer. William calls himself not an artist, but a KunsteBOER: an 'ArtFARMER', William Van de Velde travels around as a merchant, showing his work from village to city, rural to metropolitan. The ArtFARMER likes selling homemade products directly to the client. He seeks the live experience of watching the viewer react to his work. His work can be figurative, composed of weathered objects, collected during travels from within his hometown or overseas. William: 'The presence of art is everywhere, all one has to do is see it' He manages to revive the lost souls of discarded objects. The combination of rust and flaky paint generates an authentic vibe. William also loves applied art; inventing new ways to redesign his work for multiple uses, instead of the other way around. In this way, his art becomes more user-friendly to a wider audience. 'What I like about him most, is his down to earth approach. He has a crisp view on form and function', according to a client. In time, we shall more often see work from kunsteBOER in public areas. In this way William hopes to keep making contact with the public.

(10) outdoor fireplace 'HOTPANTS'

Art with a funny touch. This is a dangerous hot woman; do not burn yourself by touching this iron lady... Each HOTPANTS wears different underwear and is therefore unique.

Material: Recycled weathering steel
Dimension: hxwxd: 100x50x30cm
Limited edition

Price: € 390,- a piece

(11) 'Wheelbarrow-sofa'

Place this piece of furniture anywhere you like in your garden. Or take your kids for a ride in this wheelbarrow-sofa!

Material: Recycled steel
Dimension: hxwxd: 65x120x160cm
One-time edition

Price: € 1200,- a piece

(12) sculpture 'Muggy'

This hungry mosquito is refuelling its reserves. Watch out that he does not bite you!

Material: Scrap metal, carparts.
Dimension: hxwxd: 90x100x120cm
One-time edition

Price: € 1600,- a piece