Niek Bruynzeel lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, specialised in paintings and graphics. In his oil paintings, he combines elements of landscape with dreamed traces of people and animals. Recently, his work has focused on a continuous series of pencil drawings bearing the name 'Vagrants'. He also creates sculptures from 'lost materials', which are created in the same sentiment as his drawings. Niek received a Leipzig Palm Art Award for this work in 2011 en 2012.

The drawings are made with a soft graphite pencil on museum-quality drawing paper with a coarse grain. The texture of the paper is still clearly visible whereby the work stays flighty. Human figures move in a sleepy fashion between fish and water plants. Dreams are far journeys and in this specific case, connected to nature. For the exposition not only drawings were made but also a number of oil paintings on vertical panels. They are composed of thin, transparent layers in order to create a deeper, underlying glow. As far as the mood is concerned, there are striking similarities in the way in which he creates these effects.

(13) ‘Down Under' serie I series

Anita van de Weg wrote about his art;
‘Between sleep and awakening lies an obscure landscape. We walk through houses, sit in basements and rooms and hear names surmounted by unmatching heads. Dreams are far journeys. With the first light of morning not only the darkness of the night disappears but also the child in us, the child that discerns sheep-figures in cloud formations and fairylike glassy appearances. The time of day moves clockwise again; the one follows the other in a natural way and we travel from A to B. Niek's artworks are wakeful recollections of places and times which we had rubbed out of our eyes.’ &