Bert Slagt was born in Amsterdam (1953) and creates modern art described as New Generalism. Free style impressions based on figurative skills. His art originates from pure imagination and love for beauty that moves his heart. It is colourful, versatile, but foremost intense.

(14) Amsterdam Canals

Bert Slagt has a predilection for ‘his’ city Amsterdam. Not surprising, because her cultural history over the centuries is a source of inspiration for artists. In his versatility as an artist he constantly seeks for new topics that trigger the mind. One of those themes is ‘Beautiful Cities of the World’, in which Amsterdam is the subject of his first series on cities. He translates his own impressions of the beauty of his birthplace onto the canvas. He intends to convey the warm atmosphere onto the people of this friendly and colourful city. His style is unique and original according to the tradition of the artists of Amsterdam.

(15) Times Square NY 3

New York Manhattan belongs to one of the most appealing cities of the world and has its origins in an early settlement of the Dutch settlers in the early 17th century. Then it was called New Amsterdam and recently its 400 year anniversary was celebrated. The Dutch art painter Bert Slagt gave the first step towards his theme choice in 2004 ‘Beautiful Cities of the World’ with an impression of the famous Times Square NY. Starting point was a commissioned abstract work of any metropolis. At the time he got inspiration from the logo on a Coca Cola can in his hand. Times Square NY 1 became rather a more abstract impression that entirely arose from his imagination. Also in Times Square NY 3 the atmosphere of the metropolis determines the appeal of the painting. In this later version the advertising billboards are figurative and detailed, the overall art work remains an impression.

(16) Art miniatures Bert Slagt

The execution of the smaller paintings under the theme ‘Beautiful Cities of the World’ was given birth by the idea  to produce affordable artwork. For the Dutch painter Bert Slagt it formed a challenge to create the same amount of artistic integrity on such a small surface. To him it is important that his art is aesthetically pleasing, both looked at from a certain distance as well as from up close. Mind you, that the difficulty lies in creating a miniature ‘large’ painting in an impressionistic manner. Although it seems like reproducing the same subjects in smaller sizes, these originals show absolute unique features and the same look and feel of the larger paintings. Affordable art in Amsterdam!