Booij & Roosen consists of Dutch photographer duo Sjoerd Booij and Joep Roosen. Their work is highly stylized with a cinematic-documentary touch that never misses to deliver dramatic visual and emotional impact. The well thought-out scene and lighting design are essential elements of putting these images together. They enjoy doing their own retouching as it is an important part of their signature style.

They have been working together on different projects since 2010 and are based in Amsterdam.

(17) Outside Living I

The project ‘Outside Living I’ revolves around the idea of bringing living rooms from the fifties and sixties back to life in an outdoor setting. While this sounds interesting in itself already, the photographers have chosen to shoot these images during night time and thus creating an unique atmosphere in the images. In these outdoor living rooms the photographers portray typical stereotype scenes between husbands and wife’s, that may have occurred in the fifties and sixties. Since the whole concept is about raising questions with the viewer, the portrayed scenes sometimes are the exact opposite of what one might expect.

Size: 115 x 75 cm
Edition: Limited edition:  edition of 5.
Price: Euro 1750 a piece