Jule Cats | Product designer
Discipline(s): Product Design

Inspired by the power of words, Jule Cats translates stories into physical products.

In addition to being a product designer, Jule Cats (1993) is also a lyricist and singer. As emotions form an important motive for writing music, these therefore are important in her designs. Inspired by these emotions, Jule Cats translates stories into physical products. Every product is handmade and therefore unique in its execution.


Exposition Connections: The unusual connection between the contrasting materials I work with, keeps inspiring me. It brings unexpected outcomes and makes it an aesthetic piece to look at.


In Disguise - Vase - Contrete, polyester

The handmade series IN DISGUISE is inspired by home demolition within Dutch cities. For a few years Jule Cats has been living in houses that were on the list to be demolished. In this period she learned how it feels to be forced to leave your home. With this series, she reveals this theme that lies beneath the surface. Available in three models: the Heart, Diamond and Rock

In Disguise Jule Cats w666



Rise - Lights, concrete, polyester

The new collection RISE (2018) is based on the urge of holding on to memories. Sometimes letting go of the past is hard, but essential in order to move on and rise from the ashes. The chosen materials are derived from her previous collection IN DISGUISE, where she paid attention to home demolition in Dutch cities.

2. Jule Cats RISE w666