Fine Art

“I am looking for new shapes. Starting point: a visual concept, with an open mind for the possibilities of the materials .”

Trained at the Rietveld Academy as a teacher of second degree signs for many years Kees gave class at a high school in the Bijlmer. Due to the use of materials such as branches, wood, paper, air balloons and cardboard most sculptures are largely pictured organic. The designs are first made in 2D, then the spatial depiction. The motivation to get started is the game element, the unexpected possibilities of the material and the way the work develops. 

Exhibition ‘Connections’: My work shows various possibilities of Connection theme

Name serie: Beneath the surface

Materials: Clay, wood, paper


Pierced hands

1. Doorboorde handen w666

Boodschap: Lifting the limitation of the skin. Imagine that we are airy and do not consist of solids. Less closed from the outside world and from each other. Material: Mixed techniques on paper


Broken en yet together

2. Gebroken en toch samen w666

Sculpture -This work is built from a half-broken branch. Despite this break, the parts belong together. They form a new whole.


Bone structure tower

3. Botstructuur toren w666

Spatial collage - There is no definitive exterior in this tower. Almost all walls have been cut open. Inside and outside are together connected. It is a spatial continuity. Material: Paper, fotocopy, carton.