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““From the interplay of line, material, shadow and space unusual ‘paintings’ endowed with a highly sculptural nature arise.””

Maartje Blans (1975) has created over the last decades a varied body of work, spanning from paintings to installation art. Besides studying and working in Amsterdam and New York, she also worked and lived in Beijing for more than 5 years. Maartje Blans creates multi-layered artworks of mixed media, which she composes directly on the walls, on panels, on glass, on canvas or in frames. The results are unusual “paintings” endowed with a highly sculptural nature that embody the artist’s need to break away from the bi-dimensional surface and go beyond the limits of the definite space provided by the traditional canvas. These artworks create an atmosphere that invites viewers to explore different levels of meaning and to lose
themselves in the many layers of the work, in the space around them, but especially in the exploration of the Self. This will give the viewer an epiphany of unexpected and spiritual beauty.


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