ARTACASA is a gallery for authentic and affordable contemporary art.

The gallery is based in a characteristic 19th century building in the city center of Amsterdam. Easy as can be to come in and have a look at the exhibitions that keep changing over time. In the basement you’ll find many creations of both national as international artists. Besides the eight annual exhibitions, ARTACASA often can be found at a variety of exhibitions.

The emphasis is mostly on figurative paintings and objects with a lively use of color and a surprising design. All unique works of art in a variety of sizes and techniques, that are perfect as a present. 

Since the release of the ARTACUCINA art cookbooks, the gallery became an authority  with many art and cooking enthusiasts throughout the whole country.

Cookbook artacucina 3 has recipes from all over the world and artacucina 4 has typically Dutch recipes.

Art has to be a party,
just like having dinner!

1234 cover engels 2 voorkant w666

PRICE €19,99

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