Mr Maria is a design studio based in Amsterdam, design lamps in the shape of iconic characters are the brand’s specialty. The character designs are
made out of classic shapes that together with a playful twist form a timeless design full of personality. Mr Maria hopes to bring peace and companionship
for life with their seated character designs. The playful look of the design lamps serves as a reminder for all ages that there’s beauty in childlike

Miffy is a Dutch character that’s loved around the world, Kokeshi is a Japanese character shaped into Dutch Design. Mr Maria brings cultures together as one.

To create with love
for a loving home, designs
that celebrate innocence

nijntje Icon Miffy Icon HIGHRES w666

Miffy Icon, in- & outdoor lamp, polythylene
PRICE €2999,-


nijntje XL Miffy XL w666

Miffy XL, remote control lamp, polythylene
PRICE €199,-


Kokeshi side HIGHRES w666

Kokeshi, remote control lamp, polythylene
PRICE €129,-

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