Our approach is the result of decades of experience with promising producers on one hand and the consumer who opt for honest products on the other. The bridge between these two worlds is our specialty. Piet Hein Eek was inventive, not only in his own work; the sober design and use of simple material with the cabinet of reclaimed wood with which he became well known. Also in the cooperation with FairForward for which Eek traveled to Vietnam, he invented a beautiful design in a creative way and at the same time solved a stock problem at the producer.

Fairforward BV’s development trade concept offers its trading partners access to the export-market and enables them to make use of opportunities beneficial to the success of their operations. This creates jobs, increases the producers’ income, enhances their position within the organization and improves their control of their living conditions.

vaas medium Piet Hein Eek bamboe w666

PRICE €89,-


DIK servies Piet Hein Eek groep w666

PRICES VARY €4-35,50

Thin is in fashion, and that includes the porcelain and ceramics world. The mould makers and potters at our Thai cermics factory respond tot his trend by making every effort to produce the thinnest possible cups and plates fort he Western market – which is anything but easy. However, Piet Hein Eek has a different idea: ‘Do what you do well – keep them thick.’ He and the Thai factory produced this range of crockery: FAT ceramics, which has a simple, plain design – and is thick.

manden hout Piet Hein Eek groep w666

Palm-wood is an attractive and rapidly-growing raw material for Vietnamese woodworkers. However, it suffers from the disadvantage that it warps very easily. Piet Hein Eek solved this problem with a special design: the baskets are made from thin slats of wood which are laced together. No matter how much the strips contract and expand, the product remains intact.