ESMERALDA VAN MALDE - Art with a wink.

Over the years and my visits to different countries; especially Mexico, I was inspired by the shapes, colors, people, beliefs, nature and animals. In most of my works, you will see Mexican influences mixed with Asian influences and other cultures and beliefs. Thus I came to the idea of making a collection “Colors of Life”, which consists of art with glass beads on multiple decoration and interior objects. I hereby replace the painters cloth for real skulls / objects and replace the paint with a new medium 1mm / 4mm glass beads ejected with epoxy lacquer.

One of my challenges is to make an everyday, perhaps boring object, a colorful artistic piece, something that you can not surround. In addition, I want to show what is more possible and I try to get a second new life in this way. I want to show the world what beauty you can create if you bring together, by mixing colors, influences of people, animals, cultures, beliefs and shapes, you get a unique artistic eye catcher! I’m sure to loosen a certain feeling with the viewer, so I associate my art with: Art with a wink!

Bringing together cultures,
beliefs, influences of colors,
people and animals makes
an unique culture cult!


IMG 20180122 153816 w666

African Ankhole watusi skull “Phoenix” (2018)
PRICE €3500,-

Smooth polished horns
98 cm high / 22 cm deep / 204 cm wide / 4 kg
Covered with 1mm / 4mm glass-bead beads and cast with epoxy lacquer

Meaning: In symbolism the phoenix is an important bird with the shape of a heron. As such, it is a symbol of immortality and resurrection. Probably the phoenix is of Aegean origin. He stands for the sun god and was worshiped in Heliopolis. Antique mythographs added other motifs to the story. The myth says that the phoenix only ate dew as food and then flew to the farthest lands to gather fragrant herbs. In Heliopolis he put these herbs on a heap at the altar and lit it to burn himself. It took three days before he rose again from the ashes. In Ancient Rome, the phoenix became the symbol of the ever-evolving power of the Imperium, which can be seen in his depiction of emperor coins and mosaics.


Viva la Frida w666

PRICE €1500,-


Frida Kahlo w666

PRICE €3250,-



I had the opportunity to see and discover a lot of the world at an early age, because of these experiences I have gained a lot of inspiration and saw how beautiful the world can be. For me, painting is an expression of the soul and my emotion, as like a diary in color. Every painting has its own story, hidden thoughts and dreams. I make what I feel, that can be abstract and contemporary art. Over the years I have developed a certain abstract style that I would describe as layers in mysterious harmony. Look, read, think, enjoy, brainwash… and experience!

Making art can be an escape from
reality or can be a dream come
true in my own expression.

Himba w666

PRICE €850,-

80cm/80cm; Acryl on 3 d cotton /canvas

The Himba (or Ovahimba) is a population group in the northwest of Namibia.
The Himba have their own, metaphor for time in the Western world. They see time as a river that flows past. The future lies behind them, because this part of the river has not yet flowed past. The past lies before them, because this is the river that has flowed past and is visible.


shades of truth w666

PRICE €850,-

80cm/80cm; Acryl on 3 d cotton /canvas

In this painting the river flows on where the Himba fighters look at, wondering if the buffalo’s discovered them already or are they on the other side of the river ...

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