Everybody has seen a tripoid table before. It’s the easiest way to make a construction that does not wobble. Perfectly simple, not so easy to improve. “I concentrated on one essential  detail: the very spot where the three rods meet. By extruding the form and joining the legs by winding metal wire around them a new stunningly clever and functional design is created. As van Dansik saw this elegant long ringed ‘neck’ emerge in the silhouette of his table it reminded him imediaty of the adorned necks of the Ndebele women of South Afrika. The iconic Ndebele table is so light, one can pick it up by the neck and carry it around in one hand. Still it is surprisingly strong and capable of supporting objects up to 5 kilo. It is likely to lead a nomadic existence in your house, it will go wherever you need it to be, just to place your favourite object on it.

Elegant, astonishingly strong and stable

The image of an African woman

07Ndebele Table TULIPS 2018 w w666

birch multiplex, DD-lacquer high gloss
blackend iron legs, neck red copper wire
PRICE €850,-
SET OF TWO €1450,-


03Ndebele Table ToTheMoon w w666

PRICE €1250,-


  • Choose your ideal heights high 100cm, middle 73cm, lounge 50cm
  • binding with metal thread red-copper, 24krt gilded brass or silver wire 
  • wood painted or printed pine multiplex, contrasting edges 
  • exclusive woods and limited editions teak, panga-panga, plane, palisander, silk-siccamore, eucalyptus burl 
  • wood, DD-lacquered high-gloss birch multiplex, droplets on the edge 
  • composed Silestone, in 4 colours Computer generated form, milled by robot
  • recycled aluminium with epoxy reused beer-cans
  • leggs blackened iron, rusty waxed iron or stainless steel
  • hooves brass
  • socks* rubber, plastic

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