After his study mechanical engineering, Alex Groot Jebbink graduated in 2003 as interior designer and furniture designer. After this he graduated in 2012 as Master of Interior Architec¬ture at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. His designs are recognizable by the use of fair materials with their own character and clear, quiet shapes. Simplicity mixed with attention to detail equals perfection.


Lamps that uses the strength of repetition. A way has been sought to connect the same shapes to something new. A design in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. A design that emits an apparent simplicity, but also immediately raises the question: “How does this work?” The starting point for these lamps are material and technique. The use of MDF is deliberately chosen. Not only the durability, but especially the dimensional stability of this material makes it very suitable for working with laser technology.


Ovals is an unique designed lamp created of 40 ovals. This lamp is available as pendant and as wall lamp.

Alex lamp Ovals h800


Angles exists of 64 rectangles - from large to small. This voluminous lamp can be hung in two ways.

Alex lamp Angles h800


Beams is a study of the transition from the square to the pane, inspired by the ‘reading between the lines church’ by architect duo Gijs van Vaerenbergh. The lamp consist 35 horizontal strips.

Alex lamp Beams h800

House of Thol is a hands-on design studio creating straight forward and durable design solutions for the everyday. In our designs we combine a love for aesthetics and experiments with a focus on functionality and manufacturability. We prefer using genuine and sustainable materials, often in combination with contemporary computer aided techniques.


Our multifaceted line of Driftwood jewelry originates from experiments and material fascinations that we come across during our design
processes. Each piece is handmade and unique.

House of Thol Driftwood jewelry


The contemporary possibilities of computer aided design and 3d-printing played a major role in the design of the intricate decoration imprinted in the porcelain “In The Clouds” cups.
The graphic image on the “In The Clouds” cups is derived from the sky scapes that are often an inconspicuous part of the decoration on both Dutch Delftware as well as Asian Porcelain.
Silhouettes of birds and planes flying in be¬tween the clouds add a contemporary twist to the classic theme.

House of Thol In the Clouds

New Duivendrecht aims to contribute to a sur¬rounding that feels familiar and inspiring at once, by connecting the past with the present, crafts with industry and storytelling with function¬ality.
The background of the companies name lies in the dream of re-creating Duivendrecht, a small village surrounded by Amsterdam, and locked in by high railroads and highways. When our designers close their eyes they are working on this re-creation by virtually controlling the ma¬chines and tools with which they craft their new designs.
Our company was founded by Victor le Noble and Frederik Roijé in 2012. Both designers and entrepreneur. Besides products that were de¬signed by Frederik our collection includes items that were designed by renowned Dutch design¬ers, amongst who are Kranen/Gille, Peter van de Water and Jacob de Baan.

HENSEN CHAIRS | Design Kranen / Gille

The idea for the industrial shape and construction of the Hensen chairs got sparked by the view designers Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille had on an old wharf crane, situated right in front of their first studio on the banks of the river Maas.
Made of steel tubular profiles the chairs are surprisingly light and are very comfortable.
Vanaf prijs | Price from: € 299.- | € 799.-

New Duivendrecht Hensen Chair h800


Design Peter van de Water

With these steel “Bottle” candle holders Peter van de Water has re-conceived the bottle used as candle holder, using just the silhouette of three immediately recognizable wine bottle forms. Familiar and surprising at the same time. The Bottle candle holders are the most recognizable designs by Peter van de Water and they gave him an international recognition with sales to the MoMa shops in New York & Tokyo.

New Duivendrecht Bottles h800

VLAMP | Design Jacob de Baan

“Vlamp” is a spectacular spotlight based on the warm red flickering light of candles. The design by Jacob de Baan for New Duivendrecht contains a high-end reflector that throws the light on to the wall and the ceiling. Even a painting can be spotlit by this innovative and environmentally friendly product.

New Duivendrecht Vlamp h800