Life is a creative process. In this process choices are important. It doesn’t mat¬ter what your education is or what skills you posess, you have to create. I’m inspired by artworks from early last century until now. The revolutions from that early period (the isms) are of great interest to me.
Modernism is progress, but what exactly is progress? Is it something that has not yet happened or has not yet been created? Or should it be an improve¬ment on what came before? When thinking about art there’s a difference be¬tween objective and subjective thought especially. Furthermore, the zeitgeist is important as well.
“Coz who’s got all the solutions? 180 revolutions Where I turn it depends. Where I fall is the answer I close my eyes to I close my eyes to see”

In the past couple of years my image material is being created solely on the computer. This consists of a logical as well as coincidental process that changes and progresses as more time is invested.
In every evolution there are mistakes, but this also creates a lot of beautiful things. Mistakes are a part of the process and therefore aren’t really mistakes.
After creating for a while I load my compositions on my phone or television and am able to filter these at any time. The remaining compositions can be limitlessly printed or reworked. I also learn from watching, and if I like something I’ll repeat it.

Foto compositie | Photo composition

Durk Strooisma 1914 h800 


Durk Strooisma compositie 132 h800


Durk Strooisma freeform five h800