Brothers Thomas and Cesar van Rongen and Jon van Hoof are the creative young Dutch designers under the name “V3RS” who have introduced a great collection of light objects. A real commitment to refined detailing, enthusiasm for innovation and belief in sustainable design have led to unique designs. They believe in creating aware¬ness, as well as a revaluation of the entire creation process in which products are developed. V3RS will excite, provoking wonder and call on multiple emotions. Designed, developed, produced and assem¬bled in their studio in Eindhoven.

V3RS a


With an emphasis on radial symmetry the pendant lamp that is equally aes¬thetically pleasing when turned on as when turned off. The stainless steel con¬struction has multiple appearances from different viewpoints. A LED light source creates a warm golden glow that softly reveals the complexity inside.

V3RS b