Nelson Peterson (1989 Weert) is a graphic designer and photographer living in Eind¬hoven. Nelson graduated in 2015 at Fonty’s Hogenschool voor de Kunsten (School of arts) as a designer.
His work originates from a fascination for pat¬terns in his life and passion for photography. He was always been fascinated by patterns and been aware of visual patterns around him. Patterns are something we come across every day. He not only tries to implement them in his design process and designs but he also tries to break them.


‘City Patterns’ are patterns made of photographed Dutch street scenes mostly in cities like Amsterdam, Rot-terdam and The Hague. Dutch street scenes are often grey and lack colour. My objective was to make interesting visuals. Later, I thought it would be interesting to take the patterns of the images of hard city materials like bricks, concrete, glass and metals and to transpose them onto soft material. I used soft textiles like silks and wool to enhance these patterns. These textiles gave new di¬mensions to the patterns because of the different textures, transparencies and deformations.

Nelson Peterson City Abstract serie Eindhoven h800


Multiple photos of one city made into a pattern. Images in the pattern are more recognizable.

Nelson Peterson City serie Amsterdam h800