House of Thol is a hands-on design studio creating straight forward and durable design solutions for the everyday. In our designs we combine a love for aesthetics and experiments with a focus on functionality and manufacturability. We prefer using genuine and sustainable materials, often in combination with contemporary computer aided techniques.


Our multifaceted line of Driftwood jewelry originates from experiments and material fascinations that we come across during our design
processes. Each piece is handmade and unique.

House of Thol Driftwood jewelry


The contemporary possibilities of computer aided design and 3d-printing played a major role in the design of the intricate decoration imprinted in the porcelain “In The Clouds” cups.
The graphic image on the “In The Clouds” cups is derived from the sky scapes that are often an inconspicuous part of the decoration on both Dutch Delftware as well as Asian Porcelain.
Silhouettes of birds and planes flying in be¬tween the clouds add a contemporary twist to the classic theme.

House of Thol In the Clouds