With a technical background in fashion drawing and advertisement illustrations, a study at the Amsterdam Institute for Paint¬ing, several masterclasses and a lot of experimentation, Henny Van Setten has built an impressive oeuvre over the years. She participated in many exhibitions in numerous galleries. Also, her work can be found in private and public collections in her home country and abroad.


As an artist, I am always searching for new challenges to find the ultimate. With¬in each color there can be found different forces, which causes a certain intensity, complexity and strength when it is ap¬plied on the canvas in the right way.

Henny van Setten C12


“With glass, I can make everything I want”. It’s a long process building the object, measuring, cutting, fitting, etc. It’s all about millimeters. Important is the balance of the object, literally and figurative speaking due a strong construction.

Henny van Setten More Possibilities