Discipline: Lamps and objects from recycled steel

Laurence van Seventer set up Lolo Palazzo in 2011, following a long-standing desire to design and create industrial lighting through welding and plasma cutting in combination with recycled steel.

Working in her The Hague-based studio, Laurence crafts chandeliers, lamps and objects from recycled materials, such as bicycle chains but also car parts and other refuse she found trawling through steel and car demolition companies, metal factories, bicycle repair shops and storages throughout the country.

After a short stint of work experience in a metal factory, where she learnt the basics of welding and plasma cutting, she was ready to develop the new-found knowledge and start applying it to make her ideas come to life.

No sooner was the first chandelier finished, a series of steel lamps followed as Laurence explored endless possibilities this novel and innovative procedure brought about. As time went by, other equipment and application procedures enriched the production and realization of ideas. As Laurence further developed her skills, she continued to produce a plethora of chandeliers and lamps, constantly learning along the way.

Getting entangled in the endless possibilities of using bicycle chains, Laurence expanded her repertoire of production to mirrors, antlers, lamp bases and other objects.

Like Laurence, her work is growing organically. One can never predict the final outcome of each of her compositions. She works intuitively and passionately which can be seen in the end product. The creativity and the constant learning process means one will not know in which direction Laurence's work will move next. But one thing is for sure, it will be tough, graceful, pleasing to the eye and unique.

Ballroom Blitz (1)*


01-lola-palazzo-ballroom-blitz-3-h200  01-lolo-palazzo-ballroom-blitz-1-h200  01-lolo-palazzo-ballroom-blitz-5-h200  01-lolo-palazzo-ballroom-blitz-2-h200  01-lolo-palazzo-ballroom-blitz-4-h200

The chandelier Ballroom Blitz is made of recycled bicycle chains. The chandelier shows a spectacular light effect on the ceiling, the walls and even the ground. Starting point was the manufacture of a classic chandelier model, but made of a raw material as in this case bicycle chains. The length of this edition is 325 cm.

Price: € 7500,-

Collection Killing me Softly (2)*

02-killing-me-softly-2014-2-h200   02-killing-me-softly-2014-20-h200

This new collection table lamps Killing me Softly, presented for the first time during the expo Glance & Glow in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, is made of recycled steel in combination with recycled leather. For this collection Lolo Palazzo started a collaboration with label Mademoiselle Cecile, a Dutch label that works with recycled leather and fabrics, which is also located in The Hague. Together they will present this new collection that will be shown at the Salone di Mobile in Milan in April 2015. The whole collection is handmade and completely made from recycled materials. By example the leather used for this project comes from the chairs of Terminal 3 of Schiphol Airport.