Discipline: staged photography

'My photography focuses on staged portrait photography featuring a mix of fashion, fantasy and individuality. I am fascinated by the uniqueness of every human being, and I feel attracted to people with a story. In my studio and on location, I am - passionate about aesthetics- always looking for the most intrusive way to portray a person. I like to show my models in a powerful way in a staged setting. I like to direct a picture, and to come -together with a creative team- to a fanciful, often alienating image.'

Gender Free Zone (8)*

08-lady-galore-h200 08-petravanvelzen-joanjullian-genderfreezone-h200 08-petravanvelzenfotografie-miss-yogy-genderfreezone-h200

portretten van de diva's Lady Galore, Miss YogY en Joan Jullian / portraits of the divas Lady Galore, Miss Yogy and Joan Jullian

The photo project Gender Free Zone by Petra van Velzen is a study of gender diversity. Her belief is that gender is not binary - male / female - but a continuum with infinite variations. The series consists of portraits of people with both male and female characteristics. Gender Free Zone shows the many manifestations of the gender spectrum and its beauty .

At the expo Glance & Glow in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis the photographer shows portraits of drag queens Lady Galore and Miss Yogy, and female impersonator Joan Jullian.

Material: photographic print in black frame
Dimension: 120 cm x 90 cm
Limited edition
Price: € 650,- a piece

Fashion Pool - a diptych (9)*

09-fashionpool-1-petravanvelzen-h200 09-fashionpool-2-petravanvelzen-h200

At this exhibition photographer Petra van Velzen shows the diptych 'Fashion Pool'. It is a story about loneliness disprove if you choose for yourself. This loneliness is motivated by a lack of intimate and important relationships with dearest and gives a sense of desolation, of isolation that comes from within.

These two photographs are part of a series of seven photos. The entire series of photos were published in the online fashion magazine F - ART .

Concept & photography: Petra van Velzen
Model: Tijana
Corset designs: Jeroen van der Klis

Material: photographic print on aluminium
Dimension: 90 cm x 120 cm
Limited edition
Price: € 650,- a piece