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Discipline: free design

logo primal editionPrimal Edition is a launching platform for designer products. We exclusively offer the very first production run of the most innovative, exciting and unique interior product designs.

We believe in the future of design and want to tell the story behind our designers and their products. We use video as a means to show the world the fantastic products that will soon hit the market! All our products are launched at exhibitions organized by our partners. At this moment; Weidesign in Haarlem; Pols Potten and Artemis in Amsterdam and Duomo Suites in Milan, Italy. Academie te Eindhoven, tevens de stad waar zijn werkplaats te vinden is op Sectie C.

The work from Niek van der Heijden is often placed between the borders of art and design. The objects are a new combination of what already exists and make connections which were not there before. With often the material as starting point and traces of time giving the right feeling. Technique and craftsmanship serve the executing mostly in metal and abandoned materials. After studying mechanical engineering Niek graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven with his Living Forum in 2009. Eindhoven is also the place where his workshop can be found at Section C.

Galaxy cabinet (22)*


Bringing more detail and atmosphere into my works made out of metal was one of the essences during the months of experimentation that I have done before the Galaxy cabinet series was born. I focused on different techniques in ways of connecting different metals and fusing them, this in order to bring the work more ´alive´.

As modernism is followed up by the mass production of steel furniture, I felt a lack of richness which wooden furniture from earlier periods used to have. I am caught by a strong need to follow up and tribute this craftsmanship filling in the missing evolution in mass production, spoken in terms of detail, atmosphere and colouring. I decided to bring steel to a next level in a more natural way, that's showing the richness of steel in its pure essence instead of covering it with fancy lacquer which I slowly began to dislike.

After bringing a more organic, and 3-dimensional feeling into the metal by adding structure and hammered shapes, the search for a technique which captures the beautiful colours appearing during welding began. Those colours and especially the change of colours by influence of temperature, size, material and time captured my eyes as a changing sky. My expertise in metals made it possible to regulate the colours by controlling the heat and force down the cooling with an organic fluid which saves them from changing into vague. After the fire and liquid has done its job, a final natural thin layer makes the colouring fixed.

Each metal needs a different approach with a whole own colour-world as final result.
Material: brass, copper, iron, stainless steel, glass.
Dimension: 110 x 60 x 35 cm.
Nr.01 from brass edition.