Discipline: jewel design

Marian Sturkenboom has an education Gold-and silversmiths (including internship in Lapland) and art school St. Joost (direction painting) in Breda completed. Her work is characterised by working with special materials.

Finding the material, discover, combine ideas, search for shape and technique is a rotating exciting process for Marian Sturkenboom. From the beginning until the end it can keep on changing because it all takes place under her hands in her own studio. Materials like steel wire, different metals, silicone rubber, Tyvek, pigments, nature objects are sources for her work. Creating transparency, lightness and space in design and/or material looks like a mission. Thus the one who wears it becomes part of the jewel and let them feel beautiful.

Perfect-day series (10)*

Marian Sturkenboom: 'For the 'Perfect-day' series, I use natural forms as a template. The silicone rubber I mix with a little pigment and possibly combine with other materials including semi-precious stones. I make include hollow beads with a slight nod to the pearl necklace. The (semi) transparent silicone rubber and the various pigments (a.o. glow in the dark pigment) contribute to the somewhat strange magical atmosphere that the piece radiates. This in turn will get an own nature, just for a beautiful day, or the desire for it.'

'Glow in the dark pearls', necklace (10a)*


Material: silicone rubber/ glow in the dark pigment
Price: € 330,-

Bracelet 'Snowpearls' (10b)*


Material: silicone/ pearl pigment, nylon coated steel wire
Dimension: 12 cm x12 cm
Price: € 210,-

Rings 'Perfectday' (10c)*


Material: silver, leafgold, silicone/pigment
Dimension: 4 cm x 2 cm
Price: € 110,-

Becklace Rosequartz (10d)*


Material: rose quartz, aquamarine, coral, silicone and pigment
Dimension: 4 cm x 3cm (beads, rosekw. 3,5 mm)
Price: € 170,-

Open-up series (11)*

In the collections 'Open up' and 'Celebrate life' are pop-up garlands gently made of Tyvek, lasercutted, the starting point for gay jewelry with the idea to make a party, every day. Combinations with silver, acryl, gemstones and pearl are made. The garland can be opened and closed.

Open-up: necklace 'Fly' (version open and version closed) (11a)*


Material: kwarts, Tyvek, zilver, acryl / quarts, Tyvek, silver, acryl
Dimension: 8 cm x 3 cm
Price: € 95,- a piece

Celebrate Blue Open (11b)*


Material: blue PVC
Price: € 175,- a piece