Discipline: product design

Bas Luiting (Haarlem, 1958) is a creative, social and sustainable designer and entrepreneur. He is also one of the leading members of MVO Nederland in the field of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and co-founder of the Stichting Circulaire Economie (Foundation for Circular Economy).
His designs are always based on simplicity, less material and resource consumption with the ability to re-use. This DNA was partly developed through his favorite toy Lego during his childhood. The modular structure and the ability to change 'endlessly' is a central theme for his portfolio.
In 2008 he discovered bio plastic, a raw material coming from starch, suitable to be composted at the end of the product lifecycle. This bio plastic is applied in several Luiting-designs.

In 2011, the 3D printer made her entrance in his studio. After dozens of years it was finally possible for the world to manufacture 3D products in-house. During the Dutch Design Week 2014 Luiting presented a 3D printed cocktail dress (16)* of bio-based plastic, manufactured with the help of his own 3D printer in co-creation with his daughter Veerle (1992).


Luiting's mission: to inspire and encourage organizations and companies through workshops and lectures in order to discover new circular business models.

BB Bricks (Bas Big Bricks) (17)*


During this Glance & Glow expo the visitor discovers the DNA of the designer; a re-design of his favorite toy, translated to adult use. During his search for a new product idea to be made of (recycle) plastic, Luiting remembered his Lego box. Have you ever seen someone throw Lego away?

BB Bricks (Bas Big Bricks) were presented as a 3D print-concept during the Dutch Design Week 2013 in the 'City of light' Eindhoven and in 2014 in several moulded applications during the same event.
BB Bricks are not only presented as art but also applied indoors and outdoors, at home or at work, in interior products such as chairs, cabinets, kitchens, beds, workplaces, walls and exterior products as flower boxes, sandpit, herb garden, etc.

In this exhibition two extremes of the Amsterdam building styles are exposed; The old canal houses with stepped gables in the center and the sleek modular shaped office buildings on the outskirts of the city.

BB BRICKS @ Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Amsterdam: 'CITY LIGHTS' (17)*

Amsterdam; city with 2 faces


Amsterdam has its distinctive canal houses in the centre and a block-shaped skyline on the outskirts of the city. In this BB Bricks installation both styles are mixed while little lights contribute to a specific ambiance.

Dimension: ca. 4 mtr length, max 2,5 mtr height and 1 meters deep