Discipline: designer in glass

Patula Berm studied Theatre Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht. In the beginning she focused on directing theatre performances and plays but soon after she began making her sculptural work. From 1993 she focused on her glass gowns, corsets , illuminated wigs, mirrors, walljuwels and brooches using glass and mixed media.

The corsets are inspired by nature and she uses this theme as a means of studying various materials. Her combinations are primarily slumped glass, lamp work, silver-plated brass, treated copper, porcelain and mirrors.

Drawing her inspiration from hairstyles of the 18th century , Patula began to create her Illuminated Wig series. Fascinated by the wig not only in its aesthetic sense but also in its structural properties, she combined her enormous wigs with curlers, beads, perm wrappers aiming to create an atmosphere that evokes associations with Romanticism.

Overall Patula poetically bridges her love of theatre with of nature and glass. Her work evokes feelings of a baroque play and draws you to the world of the deep sea and 19th century Romanticism.

Patula creates her work at the Van Tetterode Glass-studio in Amsterdam and in her own studio. She has exhibited extensively in Holland and abroad and her work can be seen in various public and private collections including musea, cruise ships, restaurants, offices and living rooms.

Bustier Shiny Armour (18)*


Glass with silverlayered messing
Height 18 inch
Price: € 2150,-

Series Table Landscape (19)*

19-tafel-landschap-blanke-set-h200 19-tafel-landschap-blauwe-set-h200 19-tafel-landschap-champagne-set-h200

Set: green , blue, Champaign and clear glass
Napkinring glass, 2 inch, € 25,- a piece
Cutlery-rest glass, 4 inch, € 25,- a piece
Tablejuwel glass, 7-7 inch, € 150,- a piece

Walljuwels (20)*

20-wandjuweel-ivoor-oudrose-h200 20-wandjuweel-witrose-h200

Material: glass
Dimension: about 7- 7 inch
Price: € 150,-