Karin Rianne Westendorp studied Visual Arts with specialisation Media Art at the Academy of Arts AKI/ArtEZ in Enschede.

She graduated in 2010 and she lives and works in Rotterdam since 2011. Her works include video art, animations and drawings. She gets her inspiration from nature, materials, structures, hair and skin.


Karin worked with her drawings mainly with charcoal. Since last year she also draws in colour and uses different materials such as pencils, soft pastel, markers and acrylic markers. Her drawings look like landscapes or surfaces of hair, skin or grass. Some drawings suggest showing animals or other organisms. Other are more focused on the drawing techniques and are more abstract. From far away it looks like a mass of lines, up close the lines are getting sharper and the drawing techniques can be seen clearer.

(11) 'Untitled (lying surface)', 2012 - drawing


This is a drawing on canvas of 40 x 50 cm and is made with different materials like markers, acrylic markers and tip-ex. The background is made with diluted acrylic paint. This work is a combination between a landscape and a fur.

(12) 'Oblique', 2012 - drawing


This is a drawing on canvas of 50 x 40 cm and is drawn with markers and acrylic markers. The background is painted with acrylic paint.

(13) 'Kudde/ Herd', 2012 - drawing


This is a drawing on canvas of 60 x 80 cm. It is drawn with different materials like pencils, soft pastel, markers, tip-ex and acrylic markers. This work is inspired by the backs of animals which are standing or lying in a group.

(14) 'Veld/ Field', 2012 - drawing


This is a drawing on canvas of 70 x 100 cm. This work shows a field of grass or hair made with different materials like pencils, markers and acryl markers.

More info: www.karinrianne.nl