About Floor Bohemen
Floor Bohemen completed her study at the Academy for the Arts, ArtEZ, in 1997 specialising in architectural design and furniture design. As an interior architect she knows how to transform this fascination into original designs without losing contact with functionality in daily use. She prefers to combine pure shapes and colours with the comfortable feeling of high grade materials in excellent finishing. All designs are hand made in the Netherlands exclusively applying environmentally friendly and traditional materials such as eco-leather painted and tanned with natural products and high grade Merino wool felt which is coloured using natural dyes. She consciously avoids fleeting trends by opting for timeless designs. Each creation is intended to last forever and to only increase in beauty in use.

About the exhibition Light & Dark
Floor Bohemen finds her inspiration for these products close to home. The ripples in the sand left behind by the retreated sea, the beige colour of the dunes, the anthracite of the basalt blocks, and the contradiction between the soft sand and the rough of nature.

FloLight I (1)*


The FloLight is an elegant, round lamp with reflecting and shadow effects. Playing with light, surprising material and the burgeoning motives are the eye-catchers of this particular lamp. The FloLight is made of open worked felt and leather that allows light come thru, with specific reflections to walls, ceiling and furniture and reminds of the ripples in the sand by the sea


  • 36 cm. diameter, FloLight Small; 60 cm. diameter, FloLight Medium; 90 cm. diameter, FloLight large
  • 3 colours: Beige, Brown, Black;
  • 100 % Merino wool Felt;
  • Eco friendly leather;
  • 40W maximum incandescent, led or energy-saving light
  • E27 socket | 230V 50Hz
  • Two-meter linen wrapped fabric cord and a steel canopy.


  • Sound Absorbent;
  • Water and Stain repellent;
  • Lightweight, High quality 100% Organic product;
  • Vegetable based stains used to preserve the leather structure;
  • Subtle imperfections in the felt and leather are part of the original purity of the processed materials;
  • Made in The Netherlands.

36 cm diameter: € 349,- / 60 cm diameter: € 679,- / 90 cm diameter: € 1379,- prijs per stuk.

FloBag Voilà (2)*


Shoulder bag/ business-office-travel bag

The Voilà is a multi-functional bag, perfect for business as there is ample space for your laptop. Beside your business use it is also a perfect fit for the leisure moment. By folding the sides outwards you create more space then you expect. One large space and three smaller ones, a front area with a cover, space for your mobile phone and space for our tablet. You can adjust the carrying belt three ways. Voilà is made from high quality 100% Merino wool felt 3 mm. thick and eco-friendly leather.


  • Voilà Medium: 50 x 32 x 15 cm (W, H, D);
  • Voilà Small: 40 x 26 x 12 cm (W, H, D);
  • 3 colours: Beige, Brown, Black;
  • Carrying strap adjustable 3 ways;
  • Max. Carrying length 137cm;

FloBag Voilà Small: price: € 239,- each.

FloBag Voilà Medium: price: € 319,- each.

Fold I & II (3)*


Beautiful, simple decorative cushions made of felt combined with leather. These cushions combine with your interior by its colours and shapes, either as a single or as a group of cushions.


  • Plié Petit, 40x40 cm / Plié medium, 50x50 cm / Plié longue, 40x60 cm; felt and leather 
  • 3 colours: Beige, Brown, Black;
  • 100 % Merino wool Felt; eco-friendly leather;

Fold I
40 x 60 cm: price: € 159,- each

Fold II
40 x 40 cm: price cushion: € 79,- each
50 x 50 cm: price cushion: € 98,- each
80 x 80 cm: price cushion cover: € 189,- each