About Ria Roerdink

Ria Roerdink completed her education at the Academy of Art St. Joost in Breda. After that she worked as an artist for several years in Amsterdam. Next she lived for three years in New York. In that period she started writing and she developed as a poet. She also started researching the use of language in the visual arts. Currently she works in her studio in Nijmegen. She uses many different disciplines and techniques in her work.

The combination of language and image play a very important role: the word as image, or the image understood as a form of language. Besides making books in which poems are combined with photos or drawings, she now develops sculptures integrated with language.

Walking over water never stops going 2013 (4)*

Drijvend beeld van schoenen / floating sculpture of shoes

Shoes, highly blown up that are floating on the water. Clear white and shiny with large black letters repeating that walking over water never stops going. Strange footsteps that walk on water.

Shoes which tell a story. How you can become aware of a certain place, the history of that place, in the streets of a city, or on indeterminate places in nature. What happened on that exact spot, who walked there before me? 'Who explains upon which I walk' is one of the last sentences op the poem 'And I look at the streets'. It is a fixed theme in her work.

Material: polyester, Styrofoam, text
Dimension: 48 " height
Price: € 7.500,-

Marta's Shoes 2011 (5)*

Shoes carried by a cube of Plexiglas on the surface of the water. Under the water level the cube has a space filled with air so it can float. The cube is fixed to the bottom in such a manner that it can move around. A light image in which reflections and lines do not limit the inside nor the outside, but it does suggest movement. Shoes in a new context, walking over water, where it seems impossible. Mystery and wonder, shoes that dance in the wind.

Material: Digital print
Dimension: 60"x 60"
Price: € 950,-

Watchman 2012 (6)*

A human figure consisting of transparent marbles.

"Unexpected encounters. Always changing starting points.

You accept what you see. You look, you look at yourself.
And you look at the other. You'll be looked at by the other.
What is that question for attention – what is that fascination
to know, at any moment, what you see.

A platform, a theatre, reality or desire.
Light, sound, movement. Transparency and reflection.
Invitation to get lost in the infinite space.
Colour caught in a memory.
The detail of one colour one marble leads to estrangement.
Visible or just living in the head of the passer-by"

Material: transparent marbles, polyester, aluminium
Dimension: 80" height
Price: € 12.500,00